Double mini trampoline (dmt) sessions in surrey

DMT (double mini trampoline) is another discipline of trampolining which is offered across two of our sites in Surrey, – Tadworth and Donyngs. DMT involves both running and performing skills which are usually learnt on trampoline before transferring and executing on the DMT.  

To begin you run along a matted area to build speed and momentum before mounting the apparatus, similar to a large trampette, you are allowed one straight jump before performing your first skill on the top of the DMT and then a second skill off onto a specific matted area.  A DMT has a sloped area, known as the mount, and a flat area, called the spotter. When a gymnast competes DMT at regional or national level, they perform two rounds which consist of two passes in each. A pass has 2 skills which are both performed on the DMT.

It can be either of the following:
- A mount skill from the mount onto the spotter area and then a dismount skill off onto the landing zone (a large matted area)
- A straight jump from the mount to spotter (not marked), a skill that takes off and lands on the spotter, then a dismount off

This is an exciting up and coming sport, here at Max Force we are lucky to have one of England’s squad coaches as part of our club, guaranteeing you get the best of coaching.

Tadworth leisure centre

Double Mini Trampoline

dONYNGS leisure centre

Double Mini Trampoline


Based in Surrey, Max Force is a Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline Club; Catering for individuals from complete beginners all the way to national level competitors.


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