About Us:


Max Force is a Trampoline & DMT club who caters for individuals from complete beginner all the way up to a national level.

The club has grown over the years and we have expanded from one venue to multiple venues across Surrey.

We welcome people of all ages male and female of all abilities.

To find out more about trampolining and DMT read more below.

If you are interested in a taster session in either trampolinng or DMT (no previous experience needed) contact us on our contact page.

What is trampolining?

Trampolining is a sport where you jump on a sheet suspended by springs to perform skills in the air.

Competition trampolines unlike garden trampolines are rectangular and much more powerful, allowing the trampolinist to perform much more complex skills.

To compete you usually compete 2 routines which consist of 10 skills.

You are marked on the execution of the skills.

Skills consist of:

Rotation or somersault.


Shape - Tuck, Pike, Straight or Straddle (only during shape jumps, not when somersaulting).

Trampolining has been an olympic sport since 2000.

What is DMT?

DMT stands for Double Mini Trampolining.

It involves performing similar skills to trampolining but includes a run up and dismount similar to a large trampette.

The DMT consists of a sloped area called the mount and a flat area called the spotter.

In competitions you compete 2 rounds, each consisting of 2 passes.

A pass is 2 skills performed on the DMT. It can be:

A mount skill from the mount onto the spotter area and then a dismount skill off onto the landing zone


A straight jump from the mount to spotter (not marked), a skills that takes off and lands on the spotter, then a dismount off.